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Charge your sword and slash everyone in this short and fun game. You are a viking who fights against hordes of creeps with electric-powered sword. Be careful and avoid rocks falling from the sky. 

This game was made for #CoronaDefoldJam

The art was made by Anna Li

Install instructions

You can download the game from itch.io or apply as beta-tester on Google Play (this way you'll receive any future updates):



Sword of Power_0.0.4.apk 22 MB


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CONGRATULATIONS for winning the best Corona Game in the CoronaDefoldJam !!  More power to your game as well as to your team and for your future games :)

Thank you! And good luck with Heavy Vertical, I hope to play it when it's ready, the beta is really cool :)

Thanks man.  Being solo in this project and only doing it in my spare time means a lot of time needed LOL!!  Slowly, I'll get there ;) 

Update 0.0.4 

*Small fixes

Update 0.0.3

*Bug fixes

Update 0.0.2 

*Fixed pause issues

*Fixed control issues